Founded in 2013, Infinite 8 Institute, L3C, is a low-profit limited liability company and social enterprise, as well as a membership-based association of students, apprentices, IT/STEM Professionals, and Business leaders. Headquarters in Omaha, NE, Infinite 8 Institute has locations in four states. Additionally, Infinite 8 Institute has separate Division in the areas of Drone Technology (i.e., The Drone School), Early Childhood Education, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Social Impact Financing.

Memberships are $25, and included in the price of tuition. Membership allows members lifetime access to facilities and equipment, career counseling, entrepreneurial coaching, and guidance to financial resources for entrepreneurs. Members also automatically gain membership into the International Drone Federation, which is an association of Drone Industry Professionals. Infinite 8 Institute’s The Drone School, provides exclusive course offerings to its members and members of the International Drone Federation.