Bitcoin & Digital Currency

The world is rapidly changing and taking shape in the age of a new global knowledge-based economy. At the heart of that new economy is the digital revolution, and there are few things in the digital-age that are more revolutionary than Bitcoin. Coming of age in a time where privacy is a priority, and mounting transactional costs make doing business even more expensive, Bitcoin has the ability to lead innovation forward in the 21st Century.

Yet, with lack of consumer confidence due to regulation, lack of perceived consumer convenience, and lack of consumer product knowledge, many doubts still linger regarding Bitcoins projected industry dominance. In spite of the obstacles to industry dominance, Bitcoin is steadily becoming a hot commodity among businesses, educational institutions, and philanthropic organizations alike.

It can be rather easy to forget the infancy of the current international economic order, coming of
age during the first half of the 20th Century. We often need to be reminded that the barter systems
and slavery systems of trade are not that far in the past from the present. Thus, we must realize the
infancy of the entire global economic system, and the infinite capacity of the human mind to
accelerate its evolution to higher and more efficient forms. Yet, not unlike the internet revolution,
they cannot be forced upon the masses, but must be accepted and championed by the people. And
so we seek to bring Bitcoin to the people.

In 2008, the financial crisis sent the world sprawling for solutions to the weakness of the international monetary system. Today, in the global knowledge-based economy, new and innovative solutions, including fiscal solutions are being implemented all around the globe. Here is a list of a few organizations who recently have adopted Bitcoin.

- United Way of America

- PayPal

- Dominica (Official Currency of Island Republic)

- University of Nicosia, Cyprus

- Georgia Tech University (Dodd Stadium)


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