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During the 12-week course, students will get hands-on building an advanced prototyping drone from scratch, which is capable of visual recognition technology and obstacle avoidance. Students will gain the ability to learn and understand the inner-workings of drones from an engineering and data analysis standpoint. The course will cover the following topics:

  • High precision vision positioning;

  • Obstacle sensing;

  • High precision visual odometer system;

  • Ultrasonic sensor systems;

  • Image input;

  • Inertial measurement unit input;

  • 3D Sensing;

  • Acceleration modules;

  • ARM Cortex-A9 systems;

  • Understanding CAN, UART, and BUS systems of connectivity;

  • Frame Instillation;

  • Electronic Speed Controller Use and Modification;

  • DJI Zenmuse X3 Gimbal Installation with Camera;

  • DJI Intelligent Flight Battery Functionality;

  • Updating Firmware;

  • System Guidance Mounting;

  • Compass Calibration;

Participant Profile: Students, entrepreneurs, or professionals interested in learning about the design and engineering of commercial drone systems.

Duration: 72 hours of lab work, lectures, field testing, and prototyping.

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