New Tech Cafe Serves Pi's Instead of Pies | Infinite 8 Aeronautics / by Ean Garrett


In a new era of automation and the fast pace of a digital world, we believe that rural America should not be left behind. In this light, we have created a space where one can experience bleeding edge technology at a fraction of the cost. The space is conducive to the sampling of various technologies, such as Cybersecurity, Accelerated Computing, Gaming, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Programming, and of course Commercial Drone Technology. Participation is open to members, while membership is open to individuals and businesses. Membership services include Cybersecurity technical assistance, business and entrepreneurial consulting, workshops, funding resources, and access to business intelligence and expertise. We hope the City of Fremont enjoys the space as much as we enjoyed creating it. Any questions, feel free to contact


Ean Mikale

Founder/Infinite 8 institute


Ean Mikale, J.D., is the creator of the National Apprenticeships for Commercial Drone Pilots and Commercial Drone Software Developers. He is also the Founder of The Drone School, a serial Dronetrepreneur, current participant of the NVIDIA Inception Program for AI Startups, IBM Global Entrepreneur, and member of the National Small Business Association Leadership and Technology Councils. Follow him on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook: @eanmikale - Art _ Jamme Collins