The DIGITAL DIVIDE: How Crypto is Overtaking Our World | Infinite 8 Institute / by Ean Garrett


I remember the movie Super Mario Brothers, and recently I was reminded of the retro movie because it is so reminiscent of my own life and the incoming tide of inevitability revolving around the crypto space. The background of the Mario Brothers movie involves King Kuppa seeking to merge the dinosaur and the human world, so that he may come to rule it all.

As I examine my own life, things have slowly shifted from a cash rules society, to a digital one where physical cash and coins have nearly become as extinct as the use of pure gold bars in everyday transactions. The carrying of physical currency seems like an American pastime. I've begun to feel like Luigi and Mario did when the new world began to overtake the old.

Either way, there are waves to the markets, and to everything. The key is to ride the wave, and to get off before it crashes. Who knows if it will be the new that will crash into the old, or whether the old will crash into the new? The only thing constant is change.

Will we live in a world where cryptocurrencies account for a higher percentage of your personal wealth than fiat currency? Some believe we all almost there. If that is the case, then we truly exist in a Mario Brothers movie, where our reality is split between those living and breathing on nodes, networks, and blockchain, and those who prefer to interact with real people. Each has value. Yet, a greater question still remains. What evolution in finance will be next?

Ean Mikale, J.D., is a Dronetrepreneur, current participant of the NVIDIA Inception Program for AI Startups, IBM Global Entrepreneur, member of the National Small Business Association Leadership and Technology Councils, and has been featured in the London-based Global Banking and Finance Review Magazine for his work in social finance. Follow him on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook: @eanmikale