Founded in 2013, Infinite 8 Institute, L3C, is a low-profit limited liability company and social enterprise, specializing in the design and financing of social impact systems.

We serve in a similar capacity to that of "architects" and "engineers", designing new systems and renovating obsolete systems to further develop individuals, organizations, and communities into higher level organisms operating at maximum levels of fiscal, environmental, and social impact.

"Thinking backwards is a reverse engineering approach to achieve innovation and industry dominance by drawing from existing resources and knowledge to create superior products, services, and methodologies which are currently nonexistent in the marketplace." -- Ean Garrett, J.D., President and Founder

Thinking retroactively when approaching existing systems, by tracking systematic design from its current state back to original inception, can completely enhance how entities achieve desired outcomes. This approach, which Infinite 8 Institute calls Thinking Backwards, allows for advances in creativity, development, and implementation to be achieved without completely recreating the wheel, thus maximizing the cost-efficiency, while including standing values, beliefs, and cultures of partners.

Thinking Backwards, is an effective tool to address many of the current road blocks inhibiting human progression and higher levels of being, as the world transitions from the old industrial-based economy, to the new global knowledge-based economy of today and tomorrow.

It requires a deep humility to question the way things have always been done, but by tapping into natures natural inclination toward order and efficiency, we can create sustainable designs, that like mountainous landscapes will brave the test of time.


Ean Mikale


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Donec consectetur, odio eget porta varius, orci mauris viverra ante, eget egestas turpis sapien vel orci.