Lean Business Presentation: The Micro-Social Impact Bond (Week 4) | INFINITE 8 INSTITUTE / by Ean Garrett

Narrated by the Chief Innovation Officer of Infinite 8 Institute, Ean Garrett, J.D., week four of the Infinite 8 Micro-Social Impact Bond Project - Lean Series was fruitful. We interviewed banking institutions concerning the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), and Micro-Social Impact Bonds (Micro-SIBs), gaining impressive headway. Furthermore, we interviewed Venture Capitalist and Angel Investors and what we discovered was significant. We are extremely motivated going into week 5 as we hit the halfway mark, and look forward to speaking with more philanthropists, educational leaders, and private corporations in the US, UK, and China this upcoming week. Keep up with our 10 week journey by visiting infinite8institute.com/i8blog.