Advanced DIY Drone Kits for STEM Teachers, Programmers, and Entrepreneurs | Infinite 8 Aeronautics / by Ean Garrett

Why? What is different about your Kits?

Infinite 8 Aeronautics, has spent the last 2.5 years researching the most advanced drone hardware components, and software systems to create the worlds most advanced drone kits on the market. Most of our kits come with a touchscreen interface, allowing for computer programming and prototyping in the field. No longer does a computer programmer have to wait until they get to the lab or office to troubleshoot issues. We also offer Kits to explore the Internet of Things, Thermal Imaging, and Machine Learning.

What additional components do you recommend?

We recommend acquiring a simple USB Camera or Raspberry Pi camera, which both are compatible with each of our kits. Also, each kit does NOT include a LiPo battery charger, or double AA batteries for the transmitter (remote control). A cheap but good LiPo battery charger can be found here.

Who are these kits for?

These kits are for those completely new to drones, or computer programming, as well as seasoned drone pilots and programming veterans. Many experienced computer programmers will find utility in our kits, as they explore the different world of coding on embedded systems, which requires different power, heating, and memory constraints.

What is the Maverick Operating System?

The Maverick operating system is a new Linux-based desktop environment for the purpose of creating, designing, building, and coding advanced aerial software applications. Maverick is the most advanced non-military grade software for coding on drones period. The name Maverick reflects the initial main goal of interfacing Companion Computers to Flight Controllers through the Mavlink protocol, specifically ArduPilot. More information about the Maverick OS can be found here.


Do I have to Solder?

No, all components come pre-soldered for maximum enjoyment, and a quick start to programming on the embedded system.

Is the Thermal Drone Kit Compatible With IOS?

While the Compact Seek Thermal Camera will work with your kit out of the box, it is additionally compatible with Android devices only. Also note, the camera works with your Android mobile phone or tablet, to assist in thermal inspections both inside and outside structures.


Infinite 8 technicians have hand created a special cable, that hooks directly into the companion computer from the Pixhawk flight controller, in order to program functions directly to the flight controller, such as Machine Learning algorithms, or other automated features. More information on connecting the flight controller to your companion computer can be found here.

What is the Jetson Nano, and what else can I do with it?

The Jetson Nano is an embedded supercomputer, as powerful as 75 mac books, in the form factor of a credit card. The embedded supercomputer has the capability of flawlessly running Deep Neural Networks and Machine Learning applications. If you have a more powerful application, we recommend the Jetson Nano. Additional features include the compatibility with Raspberry Pi peripheral devices, which many tech enthusiasts, tinkerers, and STEM professionals may already have laying around, such as Pi Cameras, and other devices. More information on the Jetson Nano can be found here.

The Internet of Things Drone Kit Sounds Cool, but is it Practical?

The Internet of Things (IoT), encompasses all devices that are connected to the internet. In the near future, all consumer electronics and many household goods will be connected to the internet, gathering information, and providing insight in the Smart Home. DIY’s will gain the ability to create their own smart home, by the creation of a drone-based server, use of the z-wave dongle, and smart light bulb. In the future, drones will need to communicate with Smart Homes and many other internet connected devices.

Where’s the love?

Each power distribution board was hand-soldered with love by your local Infinite 8 technician, and hand-assembled in the United States of America.


We love responding to inquiries! Please feel free to shoot us an email to schedule a time to speak with a Drone Engineer, Pilot, or Technician at, with “Drone Kit Inquiry” as the subject line.


Ean Mikale, J.D., is the creator of the National Apprenticeships for Commercial Drone Pilots and Commercial Drone Software Developers. He is also the Founder of The Drone School, a serial Dronetrepreneur, current participant of the NVIDIA Inception Program for AI Startups, IBM Global Entrepreneur, and member of the National Small Business Association Leadership and Technology Councils. Follow him on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook: @eanmikale - Art _ Jamme Collins